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  • Wakatipu E-Learning

    Wakatipu E-Learning

    Cluster of like minded forward thinking life long learning teacher types sharing good practice in the Wakatipu Basin.

  • Wellington Loop

    Wellington Loop

    ...resources and services that would otherwise be too costly for individual schools to provide.  Our goals include the development of collaborative practice between people involved in ed...

  • iPlus ICT Cluster

    iPlus ICT Cluster

    ...ipation in a common Inquiry, value curiosity and the creation of new knowledge, critical thinking, creativity and the development of reflective practice, opportunities to explore wi...

  • VPLD


    VPLD is a ‘Community of Practice’ which provides professional learning opportunities online.

  • OtagoNet & DunedinNet regional clusters ICTPD programme

    OtagoNet & DunedinNet regional clusters ICTPD programme

    ...s to establish robust and sustained knowledge building ‘communities of practice’ of teachers across the regio...l development. The establishment of knowledge building ‘communities of practice’, with explicit norms of ‘ris...

  • e-Teach


    A group of teachers keen to meet regularly and share best practice in eLearning.  Currently centered around Dunedin wider area

  • Incredible Years National Working Group

    Incredible Years National Working Group

    National working group supporting practice and systems for delivery of the Incredible Years Parent (IYP) ...he Ministry of Education. The main focus is on setting up systems and practices that support delivery with f...

  • Selwyn Park Primary School

    Selwyn Park Primary School

    A virtual space for educators of Selwyn Park Primary School to share resources, discuss topics of interest and reflect on practice.

  • Otago Southland Secondary PLG 2012

    Otago Southland Secondary PLG 2012

    ...ry NAPP comprises of seven diverse individuals from across Otago and Southland. The aim is that we all learn together by sharing our thoughts and practice in a trusting and confidentia...

  • Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    ...our schools. We value the opportunity to meet together and share 'best practice', to discuss, question and de...g as Inquiry' drives our on-going search for reflective and responsive practice. In order to build on o...