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  • There will be a short outage of the VLN server at 5pm today while some changes are made to connect the VLN to the KAREN network

  • Prepping today's blog post.....and wishing everyone a great start for this short and sweet final term:-)

  • @mrshyde short answer is you can't. You can nest tables though. Or use an old style Google doc and edit the html http://bit.ly/JsD5DK

  • NZ Primary Schools. Would you please take the time to fill in this very short (2 question) survey on assessment? http://goo.gl/keDs0 thnx

  • Start by making promo videos of their class/school using the iMovie trailers. These are short and pre formatted - great place to start.

  • Have your say about establishing a National Body for teachers of te reo Māori (a very short onlline survey) http://buff.ly/14DMWAk

  • Wow, short of e-learning ideas? Not at Morningside School - Check out the many wonderful ideas from Simone Gentil https://bitly.com/1h3YW9k

  • Hi all, Does anyone know why a short video emailed from an ipad to a blog can't be played at school. They can be viewed at home though.

  • Any recommendations about short throw data projectors in a classroom. Looking for good quality, value for money.

  • Check out Enabling e-Learning's new look Media Gallery: http://elearning.tki.org.nz/Media-gallery Short sharp snapshots. One stop PLD shop!