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  • Adding a new school

    In order to add courses for your cluster you first need to add the schools/providers that will be delivering the courses

  • Adding a new course

    All courses on the VLN need to be added from the page of the provider that will be delivering the course. In order to take enrolments each course must have a class attached.

  • Setting Up Your Dashboard

    In order to access your cluster you need to configure your VLN Community Dashboard.

  • Finance/Funding

      Focus Explore existing funding models and draft budgetary requirements. Explanation Draft costs and the initial budget should be compiled from accurate, up-...

  • Learner Needs

    ...Symposium, Louisville, KY. Retrieved from http://ctlt.iastate.edu/~tegivs/TEGIVS/publications/VS%20Symposium2007.pdf Roblyer, M. D. (2005). Who plays well in the virtual sandbox?...

  • Pedagogy

      Focus Ensure teaching practices are reflective and changing from traditional to blended learning. Explanation The teaching group have been involved in profe...

  • Technical Coordination

    ...ess to email, access to an online environment, filtering or blocking of internet sites, or computers which are not updated with current software to play multimedia. Action The foll...

  • Relationships and Communication

      Focus Develop and enhance relationships both within the cluster and outside the cluster. Explanation The sharing and reciprocity of ideas and knowledge with...

  • Pedagogy

      Focus Establish a culture that accommodates changing pedagogical practice. Explanation Changes in pedagogical practice will continually develop and evolve a...

  • Virtual Learning

    ...lly linked with other schools and agencies in order to provide the servicesand programmes that meet its learners’ needs. Digital technologies play a key part in the development...