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  • Fiona Madill

    I am an experienced primary educator with 18 years experience in the classroom, including as a Senior Teacher and as an eLearning Lead Teacher. Starting my first two years teaching in the United Kingdom while on my OE, I returned to teach for three years in New Zealand before taking on a role...

    Skills: Literacy, numeracy, planning, organisation, assessment, middle management

  • Collaborative Long Term Planning

    Collaborative Long Term Planning

    kia ora, over the past years our school has been using ATLAS as our school wide planning.  It has its advantageous (we are all on the same understanding, it has 'drop-boxes' for the AO/Key comp etc so you don't have to keep writing them in) and disadvantageous (it is not truly collabo...

    Tags: planning, collaborative, teamwork

  • Breaking down Digital Technology progress outcomes for CT and DDDO 

    Tags: planning, digital technologies, achievement, objectives, progress, outcomes, 1, computational, thinking, developing, designing, digital, outcomes

  • Tahu Paki 

    Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, kei aku whakatamarahi ki te rangi, nei rā te whakamānawa atu nei ki a koutou te hunga pouako!  Ko Tainui, ko Ngātokimatawharoa ngā waka. Ko Pirongia, ko Rangitoto, ko Ōwhawhe, ko Te Ramaroa-a-Kupe ngā maunga. Ko Waipā, Ko Waitomo, ko Whirinaki ngā awa. Ko Ng...

    Skills: Bilingual and Immersion teaching, Planning, Aromatawai, Māōri success

  • Work Smart - Stay Sane


    Tags: Marking, Planning, Time Management

  • PD or PL that is the question?


    Tags: Leadership, Leading Learning, Learning Environments, Planning, Professional Development, Professional Reading, Schooling, Teaching

  • Lessons from Triathlon


    Tags: Reflective Practice, Time Management, Organise, Planning, Coach, Ironman, Goal Setting

  • Nicola Hickey

    I have been back teaching, a Year 4/5 class, for two terms, after a few years off on maternity leave. In 2014, I will starting a new role as Team Leader for Year 5/6, which will be fun and exciting. I also get to introduce ten Chrome Books to the class and begin using Google Dashboard. I can't wa...

    Skills: Planning, Organisation, e-Learning, and acquiring more and more each day!!

  • Planning Inspiration


    Tags: UDL, Planning, Universal Design for Learning, Inspiration, Learning

  • Tips to consider when planning and sequencing tasks in a unit of work

    This update looks at some tips that I consider necessary when you are writing and sequencing tasks in a unit of work. The tips are based upon second language acquisition research. To learn more about these view the Making Language and Learning Work video clips, and see the...

    Tags: Planning, ESOL, tasks