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  • Physical Education and Health Learning Area - ICT PD Overview, ICT PD eLearning Snapshot and PLG eLearning Action Plans

    The Physical Education and Health Learning Area is led by Learning Area Director Emma Jensen and eMentor Natasha Low. The files below provide an overview of the Physical Education and Health Learning Area ICT PD, an elearning Snapshot and Physical Education and Health&nb...

    Tags: Physical Education, Health, ICTPD, elearning, EGGS,

  • buy a really cool resource

    Here's a sample - hardcopy is selling for $60 and you also get added to the Active E users group on facebook

    Tags: Physical Education, Inquiry, eBook, taskcards

  • Jody

    Skills: Science, Physical Education, basketball coaching, chess coaching

  • Secondary Physical Education - analysing movement video/photo capture

    Tags: PE, Physical Education, PED, OED, outdoor education

  • Physical Education Years 7 and 8

    Physical Education Years 7 and 8

    This is a group that I invisage cartering for teachers who would like to share ideas about teaching PE in the Year 7/8 area. This would be an avenue to share ideas for planning, implementation and assesment.   Please feel free to join in and discuss what is happening in your school.  

    Tags: Physical Education, Year 7 and 8

  • Physical Education Online Collaboration

    Physical Education Online Collaboration

    I host a community of PE minded teachers who use google hangouts and facebook to collaborate and share ideas. I post fortnightly lectures for teachers to get step by step help and ideas. This is not all bouncing tennis balls. The focus is on providing child centred units of work that demonstrate ...

    Tags: Physical Education, wikispaces, hangouts

  • Find my work at...

    You will need to request permission but i have fully planned units including games, video lectures, graphic organisers and all sorts of useful stuff.

    Tags: Physical Education, Mentor, Hangouts, Wiki

  • Matthew McCormick

    I teach yr 5/6 class in Dunedin. I have joined VLN as I am interested in Innovative learning spaces and how to cater for tomorrows learners.

    Tags: Innovative learning spaces, Physical Education, Art, Positive Education

  • Sarkkunan

    After teaching for five years at Secondary level and two at Primary level, I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree at the University of Auckland. My research topic is on embodied learning and its pedagogical propensities. With the integration of technology and the focus on assessment, it has b...

    Skills: Mathematics Teaching, Physical Education, Leadership Studies, Interdisciplinary Teaching

  • CraigB

    HOD Physical Education Liston College Yr 12 Dean    

    Tags: Physical Education, NCEA, Restorative Justice, EOTC, Outdoor Education