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  • Thinking- I wonder under what cc licence people publish photos to on the VLN? Is there small print I haven't read that tells me?

  • Have a look at our macro photos. The children had to find things that "held our school together"

  • Thanks for the feedback from people about naming photos/ videos at your school, if anyone else can help that would be great!

  • Can anybody advise on how to move photos from photostream to iPhoto on the computer?

  • Gathering photos as evidence for reporting? Then why not add one to the Enabling e-Learning Photographic challenge?http://bit.ly/JZPfCj

  • I am thinking that I need to take screen grabs of my themes for after the VLN upgrade. Will we loose our photos in our profile too??

  • Alert - ios6 for iPad and iPod users... http://learninginhand.com/blog/now-you-can-upload-photos-and-videos-to-websites-from-your-i.html

  • iCloud only has 5Gb? iCloud settings backing up all services? Transferring photos from photostream out to other storage might help...

  • Help! I need a photo site to upload school photos of event where people can view but not download so we can use as PTA fundraiser. Ideas?

  • I was wondering if anyone would like to share photos of prefabs converted to MLP. Please email amanda.clarkson@lincolnprimary.ac.nz Thank