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    ...fashion our plan and vision. link   Leading the e-Lead team in collaboration with support from external expertise who bring new perspectives, but with a Roskill flavour a...

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  • Great PD session this morning looking at staff perspectives from the Core Ed report. Next week small group discussions

  • You might find this study interesting, Maori Perspectives of ASD http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/special_education/5479


  • Photographic lessons in action

    Students are able to identify artistic opportunities that capture shapes and patterns from a range of perspectives using natural framing techniques. Image sourced from Flickr CC search by theloushe



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  • Phase 2: Scoping

    ...are already formed and operating – their experience and insights may save a lot of time and wasted effort in establishing a new LCO. The perspectives of parents/whanau and student...

  • Vision

    ...ents/teachers learning within knowledge building communities) recognising and celebrating diversity - of culture, gender, ethnicity, talents, perspectives and ages continuing to lead...

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  • Tūhura Ahuahu - cultural and ecological stories from Great Mercury Island

    Our understanding of the settlement of Aotearoa New Zealand is developing and becoming clearer as archaeological sites unveil their secrets. Nowhere is this more evident than on Ahuahu Great Mercury Island. Recent excavations are telling new stories of ancestors of modern Maori; their origins in ...

    Tags: archaeology, celebrations, changing values, conservation, culture, cultures, customs, future focus, human impacts, identity, Māori, maps, migration, New Zealand History, people in the past, perspectives, science, scientific research, sustainability, traditions, values, viewpoints, voyaging

  • Rail Safety - more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand

    During Rail Safety Week, look at the serious issues there have been involving trains in New Zealand and find out why rail safety should concern you. On this trip, meet people who are most involved with rail on a day-to-day basis and share your thoughts with them.


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