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  • @camlockie Ooops, sorry, should have said that message boards are on people's personal pages, not your home dash. Would be good, tho, eh?

  • I'm writing a poem for my personal blog. The poem is called "Ghost on Dead Bird Run".

  • New discussion in e-Learning: Leadership: Do principals really need a personal learning network? What's the point? | http://bit.ly/pAPxLA

  • I have set myself a personal e/learning goal: To incorporate digital storytelling into my writing program.

  • Does anyone know if you can have 2 drives in google so 1 can be for school filing cabinet & 1 personal?

  • Well that saved some time. You can't create a theme for a group - just a personal profile?

  • Korero 5 – Budgeting for Achievement- Primary and Intermediate There have lots of great ideas and comments that I agree with. What are 3 coaching questions I would ask or want answered as the p

  • 2 days left! >> Nominations for VPLD 2014 http://ow.ly/pMbyX. Check it out if you're keen to deepen your personal learning next year

  • Hi I am interested in teachers personal experiences of initial introduction of IBL in their class. Can you help

  • How can we prevent students lfrom ogging in with their personal gmail accounts on their Chromebooks at school? Personal gmails at home only.