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  • What are people using as pre/post assessment for HPP oral language programme please?

  • Keen to hear other people's experiences with Project Based Learning as well!

  • LIVE WEBINAR: Learning design - people-based design thinking, 25 May @ 3:45-4:45 pm What is learning design? Join us @ http://bit.ly/1T9eKLt

  • What are people's thoughts around the Key Competencies versus 21st Century Skills? I would like you to share these with me if possible?

  • Where are people keeping their practicing teacher criteria evidence, as mine is saved everywhere and it is a nuisance?

  • People-based design? Come join us this Wednesday 3.45pm to find out more http://bit.ly/1T9eKLt

  • Student Managment systems suitable for Area schools?? What are people using for reporting templates?

  • We're looking at upgrading. It is Chromebook vs Laptop. Are people changing from or going to Chromebook. Would love to know thoughts.