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  • Back at work. Following loads more people on twitter. Thinking about my first instagram photo to be posted. Rather be playing squash.

  • A plug for EducampBOP on Sept 22. If there not 20 people interested by 19 Sept the event will not go ahead http://educampbop.wikispaces.com/

  • will you swing past Whangarei and pick me up?

  • 2013 will be jammed packed with new learning, creative exploration and the opportunity to meet lots of new people :)

  • Just wondering what Ipad apps people are finding most useful in maths for intermediate-aged students?

  • Hello people was wondering if there is a group on here for Scholarship, and if so even better a group for scholarship geography?

  • How about Heath or Erin Sawyer? @heheboy @erinjsawyer (Nice when you offer other people's services! ;-)

  • For initial language acquisition we need people to be there (i.e not vid/audio). Implications for learning in general? http://bit.ly/149a7Cj

  • Wonder which groups to join? Post in the most popular groups and your message reaches the most people. /groups/all

  • Emily Keenan wants to hear stories of how people are using GAFE in Junior classrooms. http://bit.ly/19VC1mR Is this you?