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  • Hi everyone, I was a part of the group over the past two years. I think this will be a better way to communicate how leadspace is working.

  • Hey there we need people to work with Waikato teachers. Facilitate a conversation or hands on. Have a look http://bit.ly/cdd12_workshop

  • I am keen to know how many people do P4C,and would be interested in ICT resources to assist with facilitation of P4C?

  • Understand why people are posting things three times to the VLN- it's cos it is SO slow. It never used to be. Is this an issue for others?

  • Google Educator exams. I am want to find people to join my group "Google Educator" so we can ask questions, support each other. I need help

  • You are our favourite people - help us help you by telling us how are we're doing >> Survey http://ow.ly/q0dUX

  • Thanks for the feedback from people about naming photos/ videos at your school, if anyone else can help that would be great!

  • What nice looking e-portfolios do people use with staff and with students

  • The latest e-Learning Round-up is now out! Check out what's been going on within the VLN over the past fortnight http://bit.ly/1sZKc0b

  • The BYOD group that Derek started. I had been a member of it in the past. Not sure why I suddenly wasn't.