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  • Hi there, still have a grey silhouette? You might like to update this so that people can identify with you online http://fizurl.com/gohere

  • Confession: Didn't think I would enjoy the VLN as much as I do!!!! There are some great stories to read from so many different people!

  • Profiles with an image & a few professional details help people connect with you:-) Grey heads? Blank profiles? Not so welcoming:-(

  • In the process of inviting as many people to join the eLearning: Leadership as we can find. Open to all: http://www.vln.sc

  • Great pae pae session! I want to see more people using them!

  • Thinking- I wonder under what cc licence people publish photos to on the VLN? Is there small print I haven't read that tells me?

  • Prepping for the first VPLD face-to-face meeting of 2011...really looking forward to meeting all the people I have got to know online :-)

  • Looking forward to having conversations with people in the new Digi Advisors group: /pg/groups/103508/digi-advisors/

  • @mrshyde Hi annemarie yeah I am just wondering if CORE knows that they aren't open yet. If people all try today it will overload...

  • Had a great first VC for this years VisartsPD workshop. 18 people from Northland to Dunedin discussing the new Level 2 Visual Arts standards