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  • NAPP & Enabling e-Learning webinar - MLEs: Learning spaces & resourcing

    Link to webinar recording Presenters: Chris Bradbeer & Mark Osborne Part 1: Mark Osborne Mark started off by highlighting that the physical environment is only a part of what goes into an MLE, referencing the CORE Education MLE planning framework. He also reminded us that:  Hope ...

    Tags: MLE, modern learning environments, leadership, NAPP, webinar, pedagogy

  • WEBINAR: Personalising Learning

    Come and join Mary-Anne Murphy and Rachel Bolstad as we discuss understandings around personalising learning, and explore how shifting the 'Locus of Control' can transpire into classroom practice.

    Tags: personalised learning, personalising learning, individualised learning, pedagogy, akonga, ako

  • NZ e-Learning pedagogy: What does a New Zealand teacher in 2014 and beyond look like?

    Tags: pedagogy, e-learning, teaching, learning, future-focused, 21st century

  • Discussing Pam Hook's latest primary curriculum resource: “Everyone is a road user”

    Tags: curriculum, pedagogy, primary, Pam Hook, road safety, key competencies

  • What makes great teaching?

    Here’s a valuable piece of research to see us out towards the end of the year. Possibly something to start the year next year too? What makes great teaching? Review of the Underpinning Research. Posted on: October 31, 2014. Categories: Schools Author: R...

    Tags: great, teaching, effective, pedagogy, practice, research, key ideas

  • What is an effective e-learning pedagogy?

    The following was originally posted in 2011. More updated resources are available at http://elearning.tki.org.nz/ New Zealand educators are proactively talking about, transforming the way we teach and new ways of learning through technologies. I'm wondering if we have some co...

    Tags: effective e-learning, pedagogy, e-tools, technologies, looks like

  • e-Learning unconference webinar

    Enabling e-Learning has another webinar coming up 9th September, but this time we need YOU!  UNCONFERENCE WEBINAR: E-Learning in your classroom - Your voice 2015, 9 September, 3.45-4.45pm   This webinar is an open/unconference event. Each year we create a space for community ...

    Tags: unconference, e-learning, classroom, practice, sharing, ideas, tips, tricks, e-tools, pedagogy

  • Innovative Learning Environments

    Innovative Learning Environments

    Exploring the intersection of pedagogy, curriculum, technology and space. Designing new spaces for student-centred, future-focused learning.

    Tags: modern learning environments, innovative learning environments, inclusive learning environments, inclusive practice, open learning spaces, architecture, school design, collaboration, pedagogy

  • English Computing Science Report - How is a country 'ahead' of us in implementation faring?

    An interesting report from the Royal Society in England looking at the challenges and issues of Computing Science implementation.

    Tags: pedagogy, digital-technologies, computer-science, coding, design, perseverance, code, pupils, code-club, blocks, school, elementary, k1-7, learning, creative, robotics, dash, edison, ev3, mindstorm, curriculum, technology, programming, program

  • Digital resources for teachers

    Enabling e-Learning is developing a series of digital packages that enable you to quickly access ideas and resources to teach with, through and about Digital Technologies; some of which enable you to support others in your school as well. Let us know what you'd like to see more of. ...

    Tags: digital, technology, e-learning, teacher, professional, learning, educator, classroom, pedagogy, practice, ideas, pick, up, go