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  • @tessa.gray Thanks Tessa that ICT pedagogy paper was EXACTLY what I needed this afternoon- you must have known.

  • Just wanted to thank Tess for timely readings on pedagogy which have fitted what I'm doing at the moment with the staff...thanks!

  • @mrshyde and @AllanahK I'm thrilled these are timely resources for you. Got me thinking too. Any more great links on effective pedagogy?

  • Looking for a student ICT survey, which looks at the tools as well as the pedagogy? Please add your own ideas @ http://bit.ly/HfxP3o

  • Grant's looking for: Tools to support effective teaching pedagogy and specific learning outcomes. Can you help? http://bit.ly/Vq847m

  • Hi I am looking for video clips or articles that explain the pedagogy and learning beliefs around the MLE . I am particularly interested in getting some clips that have junior classes as a focus of th

  • Listening and Respecting: A Culturally Responsive Pedagogy of Relations http://bit.ly/1jhrEFB

  • If you were to develop a NZ e-Learning pedagogy or set of teaching practices, what would you include? http://bit.ly/1svIPS7

  • Modern Learning Pedagogy & Technologies in a NE/Yr 1 Environment (uLearn14) http://mvdspuy.blogspot.co.nz/2014/10/ulearn14-presentation.html

  • Research on embodied learning and its impact on pedagogy. Anyone interested? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3q-HmT03UPVbHFzSHZhLVVHQU