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  • Pasifika Education Community

    TKI site to suppport the achievement of Pasifika learners by providing links to quality resources, research and materials for teachers and school leaders.

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  • Inclusive Education Guide for Schools

    Eight new guides for teachers and school leaders have been published on the Inclusive Education website. These guides provide practical strategies, suggestions, and resources to support school leaders and teachers to build an inclusive environment enabling success for learners with diverse needs....

    Tags: pasifika, inclusive

  • Pasifika dual language books

    The Pasifika dual language resources are designed to support the early language and literacy learning of Pasifika new entrant students in English-medium classrooms. Teacher and parent support material accompanies these resources. Many of the dual language books are available as PDF...

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  • Indigenous cultures and e-Learning

    How might Māori or Pasifika learners see their cultural identities through the use of e-learning? Jump in and add your own thoughts to this thread. There's also a shared Google doc created, and you're invited to add some learner goals that may reflect e-learning and culturally responsive p...

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