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  • Mana Education Centre

    About me: Mana Education Centre is a charitable trust established by local schools and interested parties in 2006.  We offer professional development opportunities to educators from Early Childhood through to Secondary, including parents, as well as educational resources and meeting space.  

  • KathC

    About me: I am currently teaching new entrants at Otonga Primary School in Rotorua and am also an ICT lead teacher. I help lead 8 teachers implementing e-learning classes within the school. We have a ratio of 1:3 devises to children, and are using e-portfolios as our reporting to parents.

  • Lesa Lafaelle

    About me: ...been evolving over the years). In 2012...I WAS learning a bit about all this ICT stuff...you can access an old class wikispace that had invited parents to visit for starters (http:/...

  • unab

    About me: ...daughters and three beautiful mokopuna - one girl, who lives with her parents in Sydney and two boys, who live at home with me and their parents.  I'm currently teaching at...

  • Steve Katene

    About me: ...t the children. I have always wanted to learn my language but could never fit the time in or the value of it hadn't hit me yet until now. Both my parents spoke more Maori than english...

  • Stuart Hale

    About me: Working with schools the length of NZ with iPads. Showing what the vision and potential of what they can do for Staff, BOT and parents. Have overseen 120+ schools with their iPad init...

  • Alanna

    About me: I am Alanna, I am the Senior Support Officer for Parents Families and Whānau. I enjoy working with and assisting my team to enable them to achieve our teams vision: Māori achieving...

  • Tia

    About me: ...nd a half years. I am currently working at Kimihia Primary in Huntly. My whanau are a huge support for me and I love spending time with them. My parents live in Ngongotaha and my you...

  • Julie Henderson

    About me: I have been at Eastern Hutt School since 2002 and have been priviledged to be appointed Principal at the end of 2011. Eastern Hutt has a committed team of teachers, children and parents! I love working there!

  • Nicky Ryan

    About me: ...hers really aware of what this might entail. My other interest in 21st century learning is connected with community and the wider public. If our parents enter our schools and they lo...