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  • Thinking of ways to engage parents/whanau in their child's learning? Ideas welcome.

  • I'm catching up with calls to parents, NGO's, teachers, expenses, supervision, certification, processing peer coach training from yesterdayX

  • Kia ora - Anyone taken a primary class on an EOTC overseas - Can you please send some docs or templates what you sent to your BOT parents.

  • Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT / BYOD) illustrated...for Parents http://bit.ly/16kqM5v

  • I am looking for a brief TedTalks vid, to put into a Prezi presentation, aimed at parents about eLearning and the benefits of BYOD. Ideas???

  • How have you used your class blog or wiki to engage parents and the wider community in the learning? http://goo.gl/NvBaz

  • Don't forget to add your experiences with engaging parents using blogs and wiki to /discussion/view/786568 -Thanks!

  • How are you using technologies to both report to parents and encourage them to engage with their students learning? http://bit.ly/13K4vlo

  • Planning to use blogger as eportfolio f SE students, private betw teacher & parents. What internet agreement is needed betw hm & school?

  • Supporting your parents with info - Parental controls on game consoles http://tvnz.co.nz/breakfast-news/tuesday-december-17-5780251/video?vid=5780453