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  • Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools - nzcer report

    This paper reports preliminary findings from NZCER research designed to explore the following questions: How difficult is it for teachers acculturated in 20th century ways of thinking about education and its purpose, to "shift their paradigm"? Do today’s teachers have the dispositions a...

    Tags: nzcer, leadership, competencies, environment, shift, change, leaders, paper

  • Tertiary Track

    Tertiary Track

    Are you about to embark on some formal study? Or are you in the middle of writing a thesis? Perhaps you're completing post-graduate studies, possibly with an e-learning lens. Then this group is for you! Tertiary Track has been created for those keen to connect with others who are, or might be ...

    Tags: tertiary, study, research, paper, postgraduate, masters, PHD