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  • Diane Mills

    About me: ...ove through their ICTPD contract.   I am the archetypal 'lifelong learner' having combined full-time secondary teaching with ongoing university papers culminating in an MEd Leader...

  • Christian Alino

    About me: ...ike to investigate, learn more and promote in my school. This year I have continued to pursue a formal qualification enrolling in another postgrad paper through the Canterbury Univer...

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  • Finally spending a day in the office getting on top of paper-work grrr! Catching up with everyone on the VLN is a nice distraction!!!

  • @tessa.gray Thanks Tessa that ICT pedagogy paper was EXACTLY what I needed this afternoon- you must have known.

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  • Ahh-hem Artwork!

      I think these are pretty cool and most of my 'quick-to-do' art (usually related to language themes), revolves around 'paper plates'.  Yes, you read it!  It's amazing how many things you can do with paper plates!

  • Years 7 & 8 Hat sculptures

    Collingwood Area School Years 7 & 8 students created hat sculptures out of recycled materials and paper mache. Some students have decided to enter their work for the "Funky fashion" Show that forms part of the Ecofest in Nelson on the 20th and 21st of August 

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    ...create: 1 x  PVC Overlay Ring Binder A4/2/26 White 2 x A4 5 Tab Cardboard Index Cards – Coloured Simply use a standard two-hole paper punch to create the holes on...

  • Rachel Stedman

    ...Why? Ask them to write down what they think. Before they know it, they'll have an opinion piece. Writing is more than just putting words to paper; writing is about building st...

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  • Kiwi Kids News

    Kiwi Kids News

    ...complete the sign-up form. QUIZ - Each Friday schools that sign up to the website receive the Kiwi Kids Quiz. The quiz can be taken online or on paper and includes 10 questions abo...


  • Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools - nzcer report

    This paper reports preliminary findings from NZCER research designed to explore the following questions: How difficult is it for teachers acculturated in 20th century ways of thinking about education and its purpose, to "shift their paradigm"? Do today’s teachers have the dispositions a...

    Tags: nzcer, leadership, competencies, environment, shift, change, leaders, paper

  • Tertiary Track

    Tertiary Track

    Are you about to embark on some formal study? Or are you in the middle of writing a thesis? Perhaps you're completing post-graduate studies, possibly with an e-learning lens. Then this group is for you! Tertiary Track has been created for those keen to connect with others who are, or might be ...

    Tags: tertiary, study, research, paper, postgraduate, masters, PHD