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  • Collaborative teaching - The emergence of Collaborative Teacher Efficacy

    Great blog post on collaboration from Chris Bradbeer: "Listening to teachers talk about teaching in a collaborative learning space – three teachers and up to 90 students as opposed to one teacher and 30 students - and one is struck by how much ‘we’ there is in the teacher ...

    Tags: open learning spaces, modern learning environments, flexibility

  • JISC Infokit: Learning Spaces

    http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/infokits/learning-spaces/ "We take you on the journey from developing your vision and communicating it to others, through to evaluation of your new space. Our case studies have a wealth of practical hints and tips and these are supported by our Flickr image library w...

    Tags: open learning spaces, modern learning environments, flexibility

  • Stephen Heppell's Pinterest

    Prof Stephen Heppell is coming to NZ for CORE's Modern Learning Environments expo on 7-8th June in Christchurch. Here's his Pinterest site with a whole bunch of great links to ideas for modern learning spaces: http://pinterest.com/stephenheppell/interesting-learning-places-and-spaces/ Enjoy...

    Tags: modern learning environments, open learning spaces, pinterest