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  • Janine Mackay

    About me: ...orkshops to leaders and teachers within Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools around the North Island with an explicit focus on the NZC online resources in Financial Capability. ...

  • Aaron Blaker

    About me: I am an educator based at Otago Polytechnic. I teach in the English Language Centre and work on several projects concerned with online resources and Internationalisation.



  • Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 1 2015?

    Term 1 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events    T...nd FREE e-learning activities online. We've got more great eve...o contact Enabling e-Learning online facilitators Nathaniel L...; Sign up for our free online workshops  All events...

  • some good feedback

    It is so nice to get possitive feedback ... well done St Peters  From: "Margaret...y several of the teachers in the creation of their online classrooms. It is great to se....  Kind regards,   Joanne ThomOnline Le...

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  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

    ...tions. But I'm already in an online community with my cluster...W...e VLN is publically available online, but to join in you need to j...k to other sites, blog, share resources and multi-media, discuss i...ups... ICT PD Online: connecting clusters currently i...

  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...l model challenge to develop online just in time resources, trialling edconnect mode...ning and then lost groups and resources so lost a deal of momentum in...ed learning all schools have online learning looking at blending on...space where teachers can pool resources and students and teachers can...

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  • K-3 Teacher resources

    This is a site I pay around 20 bucks a year for but it has been well worth it for games and other classroom resources.  I found it while I was working in Australia last year.  The activities are bright, interesting and easy to make up. Rachael

  • OtagoNet & DunedinNet (SouthTeach.net)

    OtagoNet & DunedinNet Regional Clusters ICTPD - Programme SummaryThe intention of this programme is to enhance...for students, particularly students working in blended learning environments (online/di...

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  • Holy ProBot Batman

    Last week the year 5 and 6 students at Greerton Village School in Tauranga participated...orkshop was set up, with a mix of face to face and online learning activities, by the f...rm. Click here to view how the workshop was set up online....

  • Enabling e-Learning photographic challenge

    Original image for flyer provided by Karen Mills. What does e-learning look like in your school? Welcome to...n, Tessa, Jane & Nick |  Blended e-Learning Online Te...




  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education Gazette In early August this year, the US...class blog. A student may have their story posted online and then they are videoed rea...arned through innovation that this special type of online fo...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...ention: Students will access new resources using interactive whiteboa...logy and are sourcing a range of resources that inspire their students....class who are following the trip online. The teacher is applying lots...and is excited by the extent of resources that she now has to use with...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a level of ‘buy-in’ r...opment & Support Pedagogy Technical Coordination Learning and Teaching Resources Administration & Support...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implementation pha...opment & Support Pedagogy Technical Coordination Learning and Teaching Resources Administration & Support...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Cultural Identity Portrait Unit - Investigation Task 3

    Investigation Task 3,, producing a portrait, completed by Student D. Links to the Cultural Identity Portrait unit at http://artsonline2.tki.org.nz/resources/units/visual_culture/cultural_identity_portrait/

  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Moving Maths - Angles

    These photos support the unit Moving Maths taught to Years 2-3, curriculum level 1 - http://artsonline2.tki.org.nz/resources/units/dance_units/dance_across_curriculum/activity3/The activities fo...

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  • Twin Primes Dunedin

    Twin Primes Dunedin

    We are a regional ICT PD cluster of co-educational secondary schools based in Dunedin. The two schools involved in the Twin Primes cluster are Logan Park High School and Kavanagh College. This is our second year of being involved with the contract and we are excited about the direction we are mov...

    Tags: secondary, twin primes, coeducational, online resources

  • Kauri dieback study - introducing free online resources and field trip for teachers

    Teachers using LEARNZ or not, get a personal demonstration with Q&A, of the dedicated web site set up for this field trip More info about the PLD webinar is at http://www.learnz.org.nz/support/pld-and-webinars More info about the field trip is at http://rata.learnz.org.nz/summary.php?vft=ka...

    Tags: Science Living World, Social Studies, Place and Environment, Healthy Communities, online resources, LEARNZ, PLD, free

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