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  • Loving learning more about this site with Tessa and Karen

  • You are all e-learning stars, great comments in the Elluminate session. If anyone wants/needs a virtual tour, contact me :)

  • Just added resources and activity to our cluster /pg/groups/47672/link-learning-regional-cluster/ group page. Choice

  • Here's this week's e-learning round-up: http://bit.ly/psEY2c. Grab a coffee and get all the goodness in a 5 minute skim;-)

  • An introduction to Geocaching - http://ltsblogs.org.uk/consolarium/2011/03/22/gametolearn-–-playful-learning-geocaching-workshop/

  • I enjoyed the links this week but I am having difficulty understanding exactly what is required. Should we be answering questions, learning all the lists ?????

  • Thinking of ways to engage parents/whanau in their child's learning? Ideas welcome.

  • Wanting ideas or links to how to get children to see a purpose for learning to read and write when they only do this at school. HELP!!!

  • Hi there, still have a grey silhouette? You might like to update this so that people can identify with you online http://fizurl.com/gohere

  • Learning the ropes in a new cluster!