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  • eLearning website for NZ schools

    The Ministry of Education is in the process of developing an eLearning website on TKI, a hub for schools who want to develop and improve the way they use ICTs for learning. Tell us what you expect...and what you want!  

  • Mobile Learning - Quick intro

    ...d, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner...eamless, nomadic or pervasive learning Personal digital devices...esign Requirements for Mobile Learning Environments) Possible s...you started: Why a mobile learning project? What do you really...

  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

    ...came up with the idea of an Elearning student conference. Many of u...dicated to exploring the way elearning tools can support learning....the commitment to ensure the learning was retained and used. Shar...To make sure we maximise the learning for the students and that the...

  • Game Based Learning - List of Links

    Arggh, far too many articles on game-based learning on my reading list. Hoping to...amwork. Digital Game-Based Learning: It's Not Just the Digital Na...s (2000) Digital games and learning gains Do most educational...ial networking simulations Learning in Immersive worlds: A review...

  • Cluster Milestone 3 Reflections

    ...Canterbury Earthquake. Using online learning and communication opportuni....  Throughout this time, online communication was invaluable.&n...d to share any stories.  Online education sites like Mathletics...rch City Council. The online learning wiki and homework challenges...

  • Milestone 3

    @font-face { font-family: "Times N...} Goal 1. Akona are using e-learning and Solo Taxonomies to support and enhance their learning   The teachers at Mama...English and Te Reo also when learning their colours, through music...use a digital tool to enhance learning. Students are coming up wit...

  • Milestone Resources

    Milestone Summaries 'How to' Video Reflective Summary Example - Appletree Cluster Reflective Summary Example - Nayland School   Sharing online professional reflections - PDF Download   Milestone Template - Cluster Report 3 (Mark to complete)

  • Lead Teacher Shares

    On this page you will find information around our lead teacher shares.  Check out the sub pages for evidence and learning that was undertaken during these sharing times.

  • Craighead Diocesan School

    ...sp;   Using E-portfollios to share learning in Year 13 Chemistry. St...is feedback are used by the teacher to direct learning in subsequent lessons.  ...lasses using linguascope and participating in online blogs with their travelling Fre...

  • Reflective Summary: Milestone 3 2011

    ...the 5 national goals: to use eLearning to give effect to the New Ze...lassroom inquiry teaching and learning model. Interventions –...y also explored a variety of eLearning strategies that could enhance...rents about the benefits of eLearning for their children.  Sch...