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  • Peter Hills

    About me: Been around in this space for along time - a very long time.  Started the first ICTPD cluster and am in 2 currently - as a school and a region. Passionate about education and the opportunity that online communities can offer.      

  • Gina Revill

    About me: I work for CORE Education, currently part of the  CORE Achieve team, developing online modules for teacher professional development.

  • CraigMcD

    Interests: online risk/challenges

  • Pat Carrington

    About me:  To be online finally. Look forward to working with the  Te Manawa Pou whanau in 2011. Cheers everyone.

  • John Creighton

    About me: ...of Department Digital Technologies Burnside High School Currently project Director for BHS Cluster. Focussed on integrating mobile computing and online learning. Want to look at mor...

  • Michael Barbour

    About me: ...and began a program to offer Advanced Placement social studies courses online at his own school and other s...district. For more than a decade now, Michael worked with numerous K-12 online learning programs in Canada,...

  • Kit Hustler

    Skills: online learning resources

  • Tim Kong

    About me: ...t teaching and learning.  Our duty of care as teachers is to prepare our students for their future, not our past. The tools of ICT and the digital/online worlds are often new to them,...

  • Mary St George

    Location: online - all the time!, in real life - hamilton.

  • Nathaniel Louwrens

    About me: ...ology can not only engage students but increase student achievement. In 2014 I graduated within an MEd (E-learning) in which my research was on online student engagement....Brief description: Connected Learning Advisory Facilitator, Enabling E-learning Online Facilitator; Learning with Digital Technologies FacilitatorSkills: online student engagement