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  • Carolyn Alexander-Bennett

    About me: ...ommunity.  Demand for online learning has steadily increased from the original 80 students to existing 600 students from FarNet and nationally the numbers are well over 2000 amongst t...

  • Kath Norton

    About me: As a director of the CWA Business Unit of LML I am responsible for CWA/MOE relationships and a number of projects including TKI and the Channel Support team. I am mother to a blended...

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  • Enner Glynn School

    ...e of quick ideas that we are trying to increase interest in our blogs. Get a "Hit counter" there are many free counters online that can count the number of visitors to your blog. Our...

  • Casebrook

    ...ool activities. School notices are published on the web page fortnightly. School notices are also being sent to parents via email as only a small number of families do not have inter...

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  • I am preparing a resource for primary and secondary visual arts teachers based on a number of contemporary Maori artists.

  • Sorry, Ros, no way to have weekly/daily digest yet. Appreciate the number of emails! It's high on the development list & trials are underway

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  • NetHui South

    InternetNZ is organising NetHui South as a platform for all those involved with the Internet in the South Island to involve their communities. InternetNZ acts as a nucleus, with a number of motivated local people and organisations planning and running the individual discussions.



  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    ...nd classroom examples were addedto by staff at staff meetings. Teachers have been encouraged to have class blogs and/or wikis which help foster a number of KCs and most teachers now...

  • Audio Conferencing

    ...the MOE and managed by Asnet Technologies at no cost to schools. Audio numbers and pins can be applied for,...ttechnologies.co.nz. VLN Primary eteachers are provided with a pin number for their online classes, the...

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  • Learner Needs

    ...for students who will be online learners, the numbers of students that can be cate...e programme, and the intake of the appropriate number of students. The VLN offers...hin LCOs and on VLN website. Depending on the number of online learners within you...

  • Finance/Funding

    ...le. (This may mean there will need to be a rationalisation of existing expenditure. For instance, money that has previously been spent to employ a number of part- time staff to provid...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Internal assessment resource

    Internal Assessment ResourceSubject Reference: Visual Arts 1.2Internal assessment resource reference number: VisArts/1/2 – C4


  • Diversifying Adobe

    Diversifying Adobe

    With a growing interest in Adobe Connect, Kymm McPhail has been working with a number of different organisations to help develop skills in this package and to consider a range of...

  • Rotorua Lakes Cluster

    Rotorua Lakes Cluster

    ...e will be attached to the five cluster goals, uploaded as pages. Previously, everything was uploaded as a resource. Within each page, there are a number of subpages on the different...

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