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  • The e-Learning Round-up is now available with the latest e-learning news and discussion from across the VLN. http://bit.ly/1uBA8Xh

  • Busy day for Enabling e-Learning...check out the latest community news, e-learning newsletter and T2 up-coming events: http://bit.ly/1Dk6Cuj

  • Read all about it: E-learning community news released today! /blog/view/927095/e-learning-round-up-13-may-2015

  • Check out the latest e-Learning news from across the VLN in the e-Learning Round-Up http://bit.ly/1BBcaFt

  • We've done all the running around for you and scooped up the best e-learning news & views in the latest EEL pānui @ http://bit.ly/1GKr1jC

  • The final e-Learning round-up for 2015 with all the latest e-Learning news from across the VLN is out now! http://bit.ly/1k12H21

  • The e-Learning Round-up is out with the latest e-Learning news and discussion from across the VLN http://bit.ly/2bQPkkZ

  • Line up ... line up, the latest e-learning news is out now, just in time for the holidays! Enjoy :-) http://bit.ly/2d6qE67

  • The e-Learning round-up is now out with the latest in e-Learning news and discussions from across the VLN http://bit.ly/2edlh5V

  • Forget the world news, here's the latest e-learning news! /blog/view/967099/e-learning-round-up-24-november-2016 :-)