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  • Social Networking

    The iGen student described in "Understanding the Digital Generati..., Crockett (2010) prefers to "network simultaneously with many others." Blocking of social networking sites creates an environme...to choose the correct tool to network for learning and for social i...

  • Te Apiti ICT Cluster ICT Lead Teacher Workshop

    Our first ICT Lead Teacher workshop for 2011 is on this Wednesday (16th Feb) at Russell Street School.  The m....30pm. As a cluster, during 2011 we must contribute to 'The Virtual Learning Network' (...

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  • Check out these two March webinars to help schools use the Network for Learning managed network http://ow.ly/uoVbD > register today!

  • There will be a short outage of the VLN server at 5pm today while some changes are made to connect the VLN to the KAREN network

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  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    About UsWaihi Schools Cluster is comprised of 6 small/medium, rural/semi-rural schools in the Waikato region. There...CTs to support the Key Competencies a focus for: * Junior and Senior teacher network da...

  • NEAL Milestone#4 - Reflective Summary

    NEAL 2011 The NEAL Regional Cluster Group represents 28 schools, most of...nects passionate people, creates new networks, and ultimately, improves te...of the Greater Christchurch Schools Network (GCSN) and NEAL (Alan Curtis)...aged third parties, such as Learning Network NZ...

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  • Learning Communities Online

      A group of organisations or individuals that chooses to operate as a collaborative network, utilizing electronic and fac...nd students across electronic networks. The choice of words was ve...e explored and adopted in the networked school, and on the outcomes...

  • Learner Needs

      Focus Ensure learner needs are identified and addressed in an ongoing manner. Explanation The needs of t...learning opportunities available from other LCOs through the Virtual Learning Network....

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  • The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) is a group of school clusters and organisations who choose to operate as a collaborative network, utilising digital technologi...ith more schools becoming connected to the Managed Network (N...

  • Getting started on the VLN

    Getting started on the VLN

      Just arrived and not sure where to go now? Top 6 steps for getting started:... Find people like you and build your professional network A professional profile ens...d it allows others to connect to your professional network....

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  • Addressing the virus challenge

    This was originally posted by Simon Evans 23 May 2011. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. "Half of New Zealand's computer users believe they have adequate internet security but are putting their data at risk every day," wrote Technolog...

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