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  • My Journey and UFB

    ...My Year 5 and 6 colleague are having an eLearning conference in Term 3 to map out a sleuth of programmes using UFB. I have already requested more netbooks and cameras. I'll keep you po...

  • e-mail to parents re Mobilise Me

    ...proofing our site so that each student will be able to bring their own netbooks to school and access our netw...We have negotiated with a number of vendors and have come up with some Netbooks/Laptops which we believe will...

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  • Papanui

    The Principal and Board have been very supportive of ICT this year. They have purchased extra sets of netbooks for student use, and have installed a school wide wireless network....

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  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal B

    Outcome B: Teachers who have developed evaluative capacity, professional knowledge and pedagogical understandings to create a digital age learning environment To teach in this way they will have: a pedagogical eLearning framework  personal capacity to use the digital tools required for...

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  • ICTPD 2011 - Milestone 3: Netbook Teachers' Feedback

    In 2011 17 classes across 6 schools have had the opportunity to pioneer a 1:1 learning and teaching environment in their classrooms. For most this was a first and was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Particularly because this is the first time students from Decile 1a communities have been involv...

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