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  • Carolyn Alexander-Bennett

    Brief description: I am the e-Principal of FarNet a cluster of video-conferencing capable schools in Te Tai Tokerau, engaging in e-learning opportunities to meet the needs of the students and teachers in the 25 schools.

  • Kerehama Waru

    Mobile phone: need a new sim

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ...cellence.    I oversee leadership development opportunities for the students and guide the Student Executive (Prefects). My role has evolved as the needs of the college have changed...

  • Giles Lancaster

    About me: ...litator. I believe that there are two important questions that educators need to ask about ICT. The first...e to the current paradigm. At the same time it provides the tools we may need to develop new pedogogies.  ...

  • Scott McLeod

    About me: ...he UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), the nation's only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators, an...

  • MikeA

    About me: ...oms in the UK and New Zealand I have followed my passion and am now enjoying working collaboratively with teachers and families to meet the diverse needs of their students. Although...

  • Miss McLennan

    About me: ...re it is not only my students who are learning more as each week passes ...  mind you, as age creeps up there seem to be more and more grey areas I need to enhance (not just talking...

  • Diane Henderson

    About me:

  • jfaber

    About me: ...nawa Specialist School and Resource Centre in Porirua, Wellington (Formerly Kapi Mana School) We cater for students from 5 - 21 years with Special Needs and Intellectual Disabilitie...

  • Angela Kerr

    About me: ...catering for children aged 5 to 21 with special needs and intellectual disabilitie...students require and cater for their individual needs. Our students can mix with o...ge have safe playgrounds for those students who need it. The satellite unit at Her...