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  • Musicnet Summary to 24 March 2019

    ...dress or edit your subscription options. - To post a message, email musicnet@lists.tki.org.nz from the ema...unt you have signed up with. - This summary will be uploaded to the Musicnet VLN Blog and our Twitter feed...

  • Musicnet Summary to 26th Jan 2015

    ...both our old and new members to Musicnet for 2015. At the end of 2014...hane Morrow from his position of Musicnet Facilitator. I, Martin Emo ha...rces. When you send a post to Musicnet, include a relevant descripti...s Online Community Facilitator - Musicnet    @ArtsOnline...

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  • Musicnet Summary to 20th Feb 2015

    Kia ora tātou, Welcome to this week’s summary. It seems that many of you have had your heads down this week as Musicnet has been a little quieter. If you missed it, the list of winners in the Grammy awards are online. Did you know there are 63 categories? Including Best Recording Package...

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  • Musicnet Summary to 28th Feb 2015

    Kia ora tātou, Welcome to the end of the week. For most of you, it’s the halfway mark of the term! I’ve just had two great days with the Regional Arts Partnerships Workshops in Wellington and Nelson. If you live in or near Napier, Rotorua, Hamilton, Auckland, Whangarei, Christch...

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