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  • Digital Citizenship

    Just added this as a group discussion but didn't work so perhaps will try here...I've been reading with interest the discussion in the Whakatu Cluster around digital ci...

  • The Rainforest Connection

      Check out Rainforest Connection. An opportunity for your students to conne...ort time frame in organising this). Contact Rachel if you want assistance with making this connection.   ...

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  • Curriculum at Enner Glynn School

    Here is our over-arching framework for 2011...   This framework encompasses...focused issues are a rich source of learning opportunities. They encourage the making of connections across the lea...

  • Transport Agency competition

    ...visual language and art. More information on story boarding as well as making digital stories in the class...at www.education.nzta.govt.nz/competitions. Here is one of last year's movie competition winners....

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  • Pre workshop

    The ladies making final adjustments and confirmations prior to launching into their workshop on 'e' competencies

  • Witnessing History

      The next best thing to being there is when the visual and sounds become immersive. The unique thing about...p;one immediately gets the sense of being a visitor walking around inside the 'movie'...



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  • Science: a blended e-learning approach

    Science: a blended e-learning approach

    This group has been developed for primary school teachers and students to share idea...ources and strategies that motivate interest and participation in science, and making science relevant to everyday...

  • Making Connections - Linking Digitally

    Making Connections - Linking Digitally

    This is the shared space for the Making Connections - Linking Digitally cluster. We consist of 8 primary schools stretching from Cook Strait to the foot of the Rimutukas. Plateau Sch...

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