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  • Enner Glynn School

    ...t links to our vokis and voicethreads are working in the meantime. Justine our AP has suggested a "Blog Award", at her previous school they had a mouse sprayed gold that served as a...

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  • Mouse alternatives

    Some students have difficulty using a standard mouse but still want to access a computer that is designed for mouse rather than touch use. Using the rule of thumb that we try to give students access to devices that is as ‘ordinary’ as possible (rather than highly specialised) this...

    Tags: mouse, joystick, touch pad, roller, trackball, ergonomic mouse

  • Customising your keyboard or mouse

    Most people don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to using all the features their computer offers. Did you know you can slow down the mouse, turn on Māori macrons or use an onscreen keyboard?   This post looks at some of the free options for customising your keyboard or m...

    Tags: accessibility, keyboard, mouse, ipad accessibility, mac accessibility, windows accessibility, chromebook accessibility

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