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  • Using moodle as a learning tool

     What was our key cluster goal? Three years ago Hamilton Girls' High School (HGHS) and Hillcrest High School (HHS) started meeting together to form an ICT PD Cluster. The aim for our cluster was to have an LMS in place by the end of the three years. Both schools had been to MOE roadshows wh...

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  • Branding our School LMS to increase uptake.

    As it worked out at our school we ended up launching Gmail, Docs and Moodle all at the same time to students. Students gain access to all of these services using a single sign on solution, where the students use their network password and user name to log on. We decided to brand this system with ...

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  • Moodle 2 upgrade

    Despite advice at the Learning@Schools conference to hold off on Moodle 2, we returned to find that our IT technition had already moved us to the new moodle platform. The result has been a rather rapid shift to the new version, the expected teething problems but in the end we feel a better LMS in...

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  • Moodle vs Facebook, Wikis and Blogs

    The Context  The NorthGlen Cluster is made up of two secondary schools; Northcote College and Glenfield College. Both schools are located onAuckland’sNorthShore and share a desire to increase student engagement and achievement. This shared view underpins the focus of our ICTPD clu...

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  • Unified Threat Management (Firewall) Review

    An overview of our process to select a suitable firewall for our  school.

    Tags: security, firewall, parent portal, utm, vpn, northglen, Moodle 2, KAMAR