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  • Online Assessments in Economics Level 1,2 and 3

    Online assessments are common at tertiary level. Although some of our high school students are tested using online assessments most are not regularly exposed to these. Teachers are generally not using online assessments in the senior school. I suspect that there is a strong push to have at leas...

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  • Jeremy Heard

    Skills: TESOL, EAP, moodle, canvas

  • HOD Languages discusses Moodle

    The HOD of Languages at Craighead discusses how she is using Moodle to share interviews recorded by one of her teachers currently in France.

    Tags: Languages, Moodle, Craighead, TimNET

  • Libby Schumacher-Knight

    I am a Digital Technology and Physical Education teacher at Wellington Girls' College. In 2013 I have also taken on the role of ICT Advisor, mainly foucsing at the integration of Moodle but also Google Apps for Education. I am addicated to surfing and also train in karate outside of school hours...

    Tags: physical education, education, ict, digital technology, technology, Moodle, Google Apps for Education

  • Mathematics in Moodle

    This is a somewhat advanced forum, rather than "ideas for beginners". It is a forum on Moodle.org for discussing use of Mathematics tools in Moodle. If you use Moodle you could use this forum to get ideas, or to troubleshoot if you're having issues using Maths tools in Moodle.

    Tags: Moodle, maths, tools, e-learning, forum

  • SNAPP Moodle

    SNAPP Moodle

    Tags: SNAPP, Moodle

  • Stephen McConnachie

    I teach Mathematics at Middleton Grange School in Christchurch. I teach Years 9-13, specialising in Calculus and Scholarship Calculus. I am particularly passionate (some would say geeky) about finding ways to effectively use ICT to raise both achievement and engagement in Mathematics, and sharing...

    Skills: IWB, tablets, interactivities, 2Touch Workbook, Moodle, blended learning

  • GAFE or LMS

    Tags: GAFE, Google apps, Moodle, LMS,

  • Stephen Lowe

    I work as an instructional designer at CORE Education.

    Skills: Moodle, Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS

  • Gina Smith-Polley

    Tags: Curriculum Development, Business Studies, Moodle, E-Learning pedagogy