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  • Moodle in Schools - nz version

    The purpose of the Moodle in NZ Schools website is to promote the use of the Moodle Learning Management system by NZ schools. The site is a community hub that provides a space where novices and experts can meet, share knowledge and assist each other with their Moodle installations. Support here ...

    Tags: learning management system, moodle 2, moodle, moodleinschools, lms

  • Ed Gazette article: Shake up for online learning and admin

    Nice overview of how different schools in Christchurch managed the challenges presented by the earthquake using technologies such as social networks, blogs, Moodle and cloud-based hosting solutions (Ed Gazette, 7 September 2011)

    Tags: christchurch earthquake, cloud, moodle, server, lms

  • The new Moodle app

    Peter Potter profiles the new app for Moodle and finds it to be full of exciting possibilities. Check out his post.

    Tags: moodle, apps, mobile, m-learning

  • Types of Professional Development used by the cluster

    Context: Did the ICT professional development make a difference for teacher confidence in using e-learning in the classroom?  Our goal at the end of three years was to have teachers more confident in using e-learning with students. What we did Methods of providing Professional Developme...

    Tags: professional development, elearning, moodle,

  • VPLD Moodle Resource

    Here is a resource about Moodle from the VPLD Ning community

    Tags: moodle, resource, vpld,

  • VLN Primary Moodle Site

    The VLN Primary uses Moodle to support it's online classes. Our Moodle is supported by the MoE and is still developing in content, form & pedogogical style. Here students are able pick up resources and acitivities, access appropriate websites and engage in forum discussions. Teachers can shar...

    Tags: vln_primary, vln, moodle, moe

  • How to enable Moodle's Google Docs Repository

    Google Docs can serve both as a repository from which users can "pull" files they need into their Moodle course(s) and also as a portfolio into which Moodle users can "push" files they want to keep. All from within Moodle's HTML/TinyMCE editor  To find out how to enable this func...

    Tags: moodle, google docs, repository

  • How to add Flickr images to your Moodle course

    It is easy to aggregate images from Flickr into your Moodle course. The Flickr repository function enables a user to log into their Flickr account and copy files directly from their Flickraccount into Moodle. To find out how visit:http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Flickr_public_repository The Flic...

    Tags: moodle, repository, flickr, learning management system, lms, managed learning environment, mle

  • Managed Learning Environments (MLE's)

    Managed Learning Environments (MLE's)

    This is a group for people using and interested in using online managed learning environments such as Blackboard, Moodle and Ultranet.

    Tags: managed learning environments, mle, learning management system, lms, moodle, blackboard, ultranet, online learning environments, ole