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  • Using "I Can Animate" - Goal 3

    I discovered that students in Glen's class used I Can Animate to make a sequence about the World Trade Centre disaster. Then I discovered I needed it on my laptop before I could open it! Once made, you can export the movie as a WMV file.

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, milestone 5, goal 3, icananimate, animation

  • Discuss at your LC meeting what has been successful blended e-Learning for you and your students.List on minutes. - Goal 3

    At staff meeting I asked our learning centres to share how they used digital tools and blended e-Learning effectively in their classrooms. From each Learning Centre's minutes, 15 May 2012: Waiteti Pod available from library, book through Gail. Blended e-learning; W4- science fair, research...

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 5, goal 3

  • Using a Google Doc for Milestone 5

    Loving this! Sore eyes from staring at laptop the only down side. Ann has a cold so we were able to collaborate but I could sit out of breathing reach - lol! WONDERFUL to the see Bruce, our lead principaL, get on to the doc to fill in the budgeting information.

    Tags: rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, mokoiaintermediate, google docs, milestone 5, goal 2

  • Our Cluster Share 3 September 2012

    On Monday 3 September, teachers from our Rotorua Lakes Cluster schools, met for a joint staff meeting after school at Rotorua Lakes High School. As our focus this year is to see the integration of e_technologies in our classrooms, we thought it was about time we got our teachers to share what th...

    Tags: digitaltools, clustershare, rotorualakescluster, milestone 6, mokoiaintermediate, whangamarino, rotorualakeshigh

  • Regional ICTPD Meeting @ Fraser High in Hamilton

    Yesterday Deborah Epp, one of the Project Directors for our cluster and I attended the Regional ICTPD meeting organised by Diane Mills at Fraser High School in Hamilton. It was great to see Phil Buchanan and Amy from Rangitahi College in our cluster. Chrissie Butler talked about the importance o...

    Tags: regional ictpd, rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 6, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahicollege

  • 2013: A New Year, A New Contract

    Late last term we found out that we had won a Blended E_learning contract with CORE Education. When I submitted the final milestone last year I was told that our school was an ideal candidate for the contract. Mary Jamieson is our new facilitator. She made her first visit on Monday 6 May.&nbs...

    Tags: BeL Contract 2013, mokoiaintermediate, elpf