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  • 21st Century Learning

    21st Century Learning

    Exploring 21st century learning, e-learning and flexible learning environments.

  • BeL Pilot Project

    BeL Pilot Project

    Six BeL facilitators are working with 15 pilot schools  A key aspect of the pilot programme is the trial of the e-Learning Planning Framework. This fram...enable schools to self-assess their progress in e-Learni...

  • Personalised Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces

    Personalised Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces

    A chance to discuss what's happening in classrooms and share.

  • Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    The TLRI Project - Overview Literacy Learning in e-learning contexts is a research projec...funded through a Teaching and Learning Reseach Initiative (TLRI) gra...earch inquiries focussed on e-learning (undertaken as part of e-fell...land research literature on e-learning as contexts for literacy lear...

  • Primary Science PLD

    Primary Science PLD

    This group has been created as a space where teachers involved in the Primary Science project can share resources, discuss issues relevant to science teaching and learning. It also offers the opportunity to participate in a learni...

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Enabling e-Learning

    Haere mai, talofa lava and welcome to the main group for Enabling e-Learning/Ako-e in the VLN Groups.  Enabling e-Learning is the Ministry of Education’s onli...can discuss particular aspects of e-learning in these e-Learning sub-group...on here... Take me to Enabling e-Learni...

  • Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a tool to help us design to include from the outset. It's guidelines prompt us...hat will enable rather than dis-able learners in the way we teach and organise learni...

  • St Peter's School

    St Peter's School

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Learning with Digital Technologies project at St Pet...mething to get you started with the Virtual Learning Network 'Getting started on V...cusing your inquiry.  Inquiry - so what? eLearni...

  • BYOD in schools

    BYOD in schools

    A group for discussing the issues, concerns, inspirations and  future visions for learners bringing their own device to school to support their learning

  • Rangitoto College E-Learning Professional Development

    Rangitoto College E-Learning Professional Development

    I'm Jen Bates - PD coordinator for e-Learning at Rangitoto College as well as a developer of ou...al development is a key factor in ensuring that e-learning is clearly linked with pedago...for the sake of it. Our goal is to ensure that e-learni...