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  • Chris Bradbeer on open learning spaces

    Tags: modern learning environments, open learning spaces, design

  • Open learning spaces professional learning group meeting term 1

    From: http://openlearningspaces.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/professional-learning-group-first.html "This year promises to be an exciting one for the Professional Learning Group with more and more schools thinking about Modern Learning Environments.    Registrations are now open for t...

    Tags: open learning spaces, modern learning environments, professional learning group

  • Over on the CORE-Ed Blog: Modern Learning Environments

    Modern Learning Environments: Not ‘any colour as long as it’s black’ When Henry Ford said of his Model T cars ‘You can have any colour you like… as long as it’s black’, he could just as easily have been talking about high school when I was young....

    Tags: open learning spaces, modern learning environments, flexibility, teacher learning

  • Collaborative teaching - The emergence of Collaborative Teacher Efficacy

    Great blog post on collaboration from Chris Bradbeer: "Listening to teachers talk about teaching in a collaborative learning space – three teachers and up to 90 students as opposed to one teacher and 30 students - and one is struck by how much ‘we’ there is in the teacher ...

    Tags: open learning spaces, modern learning environments, flexibility

  • Open learning spaces…and the smaller spaces within

    New post on Open Learning Spaces: As we get close to finalising the design for our school’s second stage build much of the attention is on the nature of the smaller spaces within. We know that our new hubs will accommodate three teachers and up to 90 learners but exactly what is the nature ...

    Tags: modern learning environments, collaboration, consultation

  • JISC Infokit: Learning Spaces

    http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/infokits/learning-spaces/ "We take you on the journey from developing your vision and communicating it to others, through to evaluation of your new space. Our case studies have a wealth of practical hints and tips and these are supported by our Flickr image library w...

    Tags: open learning spaces, modern learning environments, flexibility

  • White Paper on Modern Learning Environments

    Kia ora koutou, Here's something that people might find useful: it's a white paper that some of us at CORE Education have written about Modern Learning Environments. It's designed as a think piece to spark debate, so if you've got comments or questions, post them here. Would love to hear your f...

    Tags: modern learning environments, white paper, research

  • Stephen Heppell's Pinterest

    Prof Stephen Heppell is coming to NZ for CORE's Modern Learning Environments expo on 7-8th June in Christchurch. Here's his Pinterest site with a whole bunch of great links to ideas for modern learning spaces: http://pinterest.com/stephenheppell/interesting-learning-places-and-spaces/ Enjoy...

    Tags: modern learning environments, open learning spaces, pinterest

  • NAPP & Enabling e-Learning webinar - MLEs: Learning spaces & resourcing

    Link to webinar recording Presenters: Chris Bradbeer & Mark Osborne Part 1: Mark Osborne Mark started off by highlighting that the physical environment is only a part of what goes into an MLE, referencing the CORE Education MLE planning framework. He also reminded us that:  Hope ...

    Tags: MLE, modern learning environments, leadership, NAPP, webinar, pedagogy