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  • Your weekly e-learning digest across the VLN Groups: /pg/blog/read/100776/elearning-roundup--22-august-2011

  • PD opportunity! > Register for tomorrow's free online session with Suzie Vesper: Creating Digistore learning pathways http://bit.ly/iMrkYb.

  • @karenmelhuish They are learning the six tenets and how they can promote these in the classroom with images and videos.

  • Stand up and be counted! 5 days until the deadline for Learning@School 2012 papers. Share your stories..http://bit.ly/rklBEd

  • Fun times simultaneously learning to use this VLN, teaching others how to use it, and discussing the new Level 2 standards.

  • Morning all! What's on top this week in e-learning land? Your weekly round-up is on its way.....

  • Passionate about e-learning but can't keep up with all the discussion on the VLN? Check out this week's round-up http://bit.ly/rtaIEA

  • Today...make sure you and interested colleagues go to our profile and 'add friend' to get upcoming e-learning news | http://bit.ly/q0CUK1

  • New discussion in e-Learning: Leadership: Do principals really need a personal learning network? What's the point? | http://bit.ly/pAPxLA

  • I am currently a Lead Development Advisor with Learning and Change Networks - specialising in Māori medium education.