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  • Toni Twiss

    About me: ...land Curriculum and eLearning and I also am a National Facilitator for the ICT PD project. My main interests are around making use of the mobile technologies our students already bring to...

  • Nick Ford

    About me: ...n & maintenance I am experienced with the following technologies  Blackboard LMS...casting interactive whiteboards (Smart & Promethean) mobile technologies (iPads, tablets, mobile phones) HTML, CSS, XHTML, JAVA, A...



  • Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 1 2015?

    Term 1 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Eve...nd share their positive use of technologies as well as strategies for cre...I plan to use [>>INSERT TECHNOLOGIES HERE <<] to&n...than the predictions about emerging technologies. This is your opportunity to...

  • Social Networking

    The iGen student described in "Understanding the Digital Generation" Juke, McCain, Cr...ates an environment where students use unprotected mobile networks to maintain their so...an environment where students will use unprotected mobile netwo...

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  • Casebrook

    ...ipod touches in the classsroom and staff have attended sessions on mobile devices at the Ulearn conference. The Principal is showing a strong commitment to applying mobile technologies to the classroom. The board i...

  • B. I. S

    The school has provided computers for use by students, offering access to a vast amount of information for use in...are and only use them if they are found to be clean of viruses. Always check mobile equip...

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  • Just been reading the Mobile Learning Experience 2011 Blog. Great resources and ideas. http://mobile2011blog.posterous.com/

  • Getting geared up for today's LIVE webinar @ 3.45pm BYOD: How to use mobile technologies effectively http://bit.ly/QEZ0Nc

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education Gazette In...ing focused teaching practices alongside engaging technologies gives students a personal voi...have the freedom to innovate in ways that use new technologies to make learning real for stu...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...ess and experience a range of technologies with appropriate levels of su...with the introduction of new technologies.   New Technologies I...as students are accessing new technologies. Teachers with brand new tech...nts to access a wide range of technologies. Context: Sensory rooms...

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