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  • Social Networking

    The iGen student described in "Understanding the Digital Generation" Juke, McCain, Cr...ates an environment where students use unprotected mobile networks to maintain their so...an environment where students will use unprotected mobile...

  • The right platform for online course

    This year I am creating an online course for my Year 11 French class and I am hoping to...Facebook is that if the students have a NZ Telecom Mobile phone they can access it for...t of the schools do not let their pupils use their mobile...

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  • Casebrook

    ...of ipod touches in the classsroom and staff have attended sessions on mobile devices at the Ulearn conference. The Principal is showing a strong commitment to applying mobile technologies to the classroom....

  • B. I. S

    The school has provided computers for use by students, offering access to a vast amount of information for use in s...ware and only use them if they are found to be clean of viruses. Always check mobile...

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  • Just been reading the Mobile Learning Experience 2011 Blog. Great resources and ideas. http://mobile2011blog.posterous.com/

  • Getting geared up for today's LIVE webinar @ 3.45pm BYOD: How to use mobile technologies effectively http://bit.ly/QEZ0Nc

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  • Learning and Teaching Resources

      Focus Make decisions about how to access and develop appropriate teaching and learning resources. Explana...their own Personal Learning Environments using a variety of Web 2.0 tools, or mobile...

  • Mobile learning

    ...nywhere learning? Stephen Heppell talks about mobile learning   Megan Iemma, a mobile learning consultant, talks ab...nbsp; Visit the Software for Learning page on Mobile Technologies. Slide to learn guide to mobile devices Slide to Learn - Educators G...

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  • Manaiakalani


    Mission To develop capacity in children and families in the Tamaki Community by grow...r 1-13. The students are being offered the opportunity to own personal netbook devices and wireless internet access...

  • Mobile devices for learning

    Mobile devices for learning

    This is a group to share resources and ideas about how people are using mobile devices in their classrooms. Group icon image by @teachernz. Used under creative commons license.

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  • Nils Pokel

    Skills: social media, multimedia, digital media, digital content, digital resources, video, film, online learning, elearning, e-learning, ict, creativity, ipad, mobile devices, photography, design, qr codes

  • QR Code treasure hunt

    A generator that creates the QR codes for your treasure hunt. You must put in at least 5 questions and answers and click create!

    Tags: qr codes, inquiry, mobile devices

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