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  • Just been reading the Mobile Learning Experience 2011 Blog. Great resources and ideas. http://mobile2011blog.posterous.com/

  • Getting geared up for today's LIVE webinar @ 3.45pm BYOD: How to use mobile technologies effectively http://bit.ly/QEZ0Nc

  • @mrshyde outdated android OS, also its only 802.11b/g, need to look at devices that have 802.11n as well

  • Is anyone using android devices with students?

  • Don't miss out, REGISTER NOW!: Live webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story http://bit.ly/13rBXx5

  • Video which explores, with some great examples, some of potential learning opportunities provided by mobile learning http://bit.ly/16BnApG

  • Applied ESOL (that's me): Ubiquity is playing Smurf's Village on three devices at once...

  • This is what the internet looks like: 460 million internet connected devices, mapped. pic.twitter.com/82vKPulF82

  • thinking about clickview on students devices, need to investigate if there is a web portal for internal videos

  • Building mobile apps unconference in Auckland, Nov 16-17. http://devmob.co.nz Would love to see kids there: internships, learning, demos.