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  • Delicious iOS

    These online communities have been recommended by educators. They include support information, resources and recommendations for integrating mobile and iOS devices to support learning.

    Tags: ios, apps, ipads, iphone, ipod touch, ipod, mlearning

  • Student reflections

    When we're on the iPads we are really quiet because we are concentrating and we don't want to get taken off them. I love the handwriting apps because its fun to not always use pencil and they show us how to correctly write a letter.

    Tags: student reflection, ipads, iphones, mlearning,

  • Students working with ipads

    ʻBlended learning refers to a mixing of different learning environments. It combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with more modern computer-mediated activitiesʼ (iPads)

    Tags: ipads, ipods, mlearning, blended learning

  • Apps taskboard

    This board explains to the children what application they are expected to go on each day.

    Tags: apps, ipad, iphone, mobile learning, mLearning,