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  • Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners [Ministry of Education]

    These guidelines will increase your understanding of the emerging importance and place of ePortfolios in the education of our children. The guidelines are aimed primarily at, but not limited to, a non-technical audience with limited prior knowledge of ePortfolios. If you are a school leader, th...

    Tags: e-portfolios, digital resources, ministry of education, moe

  • Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners (version 2)

    Version 2 of what Karen bookmarked. In process of getting it up on minedu when the earth shook and attention went elsewhere. Requests for further changes and versions for different purposes are best answered (for now) by saying "They are openly licensed, so feel free to make a derivative work."

    Tags: e-portfolios, e-portfolio, eportfolios, eportfolio, myportfolio, ministry of education

  • MyPortfolio Diigo group

    Everything to do with MyPortfolio, an eportfolio service for New Zealand schools.

    Tags: e-portfolios, e-portfolio, eportfolios, eportfolio, myportfolio, ministry of education, mahara

  • MLE Reference Group

    An online forum to discuss the software and digital content that support learning in NZ schools. While started by the Ministry of Education to support the Managed Learning Environments work, the group 'belongs' to the 700+ members, whether they associate closest with a school, an ICT vendor or t...

    Tags: software, mle, community, ministry of education

  • Supporting students with special learning needs using iPads

    Great discussion thread (Running in the Primary iPads group), on how the iPad is a tool that might support students with special learning needs. This could support the Ministry of Education's Success for All - Every School, Every Child plan of action..

    Tags: special learning needs, ipads, ministry of education

  • VLN Group: Software for Learning

    A group for discussion and sharing of ideas about software for effective teaching and learning. Linked to the TKI website, http://softwareforlearning.tki.org.nz/

    Tags: s4l, ministry of education, software

  • e-Learning professional development for schools

    Information for schools on how to access e-learning-related professional development from the Ministry of Education. Source: Enabling e-Learning on TKI

    Tags: professional development, professional learning, ministry of education