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  • Fiona

    About me: ...teaching possibilities.Fiona has a Master of Education (First Class Honours) including postgraduate specialisation in e-Education and educational leadership. She has contributed nationally to Ministry of Education e-learning initia...

  • Tessa Gray

    About me: ...-Learning online facilitator. I currently work for CORE Education as the online facilitator for the Ministry of Education's Enabling e-Learning and...vents that focus on the effective role of e-learning in education. This will happen largely wit...

  • Chrissie Butler

    About me: I'm a Wellington-based member of the CORE Education whānau, and also a facilitato...nal Facilitator Blended e-Learning/Special Education. Central South Regional Blen...directly with schools who are part of the Ministry of Education's Professional Learning and D...

  • Claire Amos

    About me: ...ish as a part of the writing team for the redevelopment of the NCEA standards and as a marker for NCEA external standards. In 2009 I was a Ministry of Education e-fellow for which she undert...

  • Derek Wenmoth

    About me: Director, eLearning at CORE education. Previously a teacher, principal and teacher educator. Spent time in Wellington working at Correspondence School and Ministry of Education, before returning to Christchurch and taking up my role at CORE.

  • Kawaha Point School

    Interests: ministry of education

  • Megan Melvin

    About me: ...ject Leader (Online), Special Education, Ministry of Education. I am a Ministry contractor responsible for the...onal Practice Support site (a Ministry intranet), www.inclusive.org.n...I provide services to Special Education teams in the scoping, design...Brief description: Project Leader (Online), Professional Practice, Special Education, Ministry of Education

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ...rms the Deans and teachers as they support our students to achieve educational excellence.    I oversee l...ICT PD Cluster, I act on behalf to the cluster in dealing with the Ministry of Education within the scope of the contr...

  • Tina Callcut

    Location: special education, ministry of education, wellington

  • Tracy Bowker

    About me: I am one of project leaders for the Ministry of Education blended e-Learning project. Currently I am contracted to Cognition Education. Previously I worked as a full time consultant for Cognition and was the project director for the Digital Technologies Guidelines project.