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  • Minecraft Wiki

    The official resource on information about Minecraft.

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  • How long is too long?

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  • Minecraft

    The new features of version 1.6

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  • Minecraft Teachers

    Minecraft Teachers

    Interested in the potential of Minecraft in education - come and join us on the journey

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  • Getting Started

    Hi all I have some students who have expressed an interest in using Minecraft as part of their learning. I have never gamed before so this is all new to me. I thought that this could be a good forum to share ideas and experiences. Currently have our tech making a virtual server within our schoo...

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  • Minecraftedu

    WHAT IS MINECRAFTEDU? MinecraftEdu is the collaboration of a small team of educators and programmers from theUnited States and Finland. We are working with Mojang AB of Sweden, the creators of Minecraft, to make the game affordable and accessible to schools everywhere. We have als...

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  • Derek Wenmoth blogging on Minecraft

    For some time now I've used Minecraft as an example of the sort of gaming experience that I believe has application for education. Minecraft is essentially a computerised version of lego on steroids, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D&nb...

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  • Homeschooling with Minecraft- heaps of links!

    Do your kids love Minecraft? Why not take advantage of that and use Minecraft to help teach history, science, language arts and more?

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  • Good point!

    Playing Games = Respecting Games I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid and never stopped. I play to unwind, connect with friends and have fun. It seems that for many educators playing video games is still seen as something only kids do. It’s something to grow out of. This, ...

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