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  • @jesshalliscool Hi jess we are in gisborne working through colectn evidence for milestone 4.do u hav skype mayb we can skype sumtime 2day ay

  • meeting with my awesome cluster buddies at Baradene to figure out our Milestone 4 updates...

  • Last bit of the milestone to go then off for cheking by our NSSF. Next doc the variation... here we go!!! hope to finish all by fri..

  • @pauline.waiti Hi Pauline, if you are after ICT PD milestone templates, these can be found @ http://bit.ly/n1wP8B

  • Trying to get into our group to find the template for our next milestone report!!

  • working through the milestone 4 report. so far so good... up2 4.3.. hope to have this document finished.today so i can start linking evidenc

  • Hi can someone tell me where the Milestone report information is please

  • Writing milestone for Arataki Cluster

  • Milestone completed - YIPPEE!

  • @Jane.Armstrong Bother - suspected as much. Enjoying working on Milestone by Google Doc though!