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  • Water the Flowers Not the Stones

    Good advice from Tessa; you still sprinkle lots of fertiliser among the stones and add lots of daylight.  The thought is that other microbes look at the flowers and want what they have! /mod/resources/edit.php?resource_guid=191411

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  • The Road to Milestone 4 - Teaching as Inquiry

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  • Malfroy School Reflects: "Empower the teacher - Empower the student!"

     Milestone 4 VLN Reflective Summary National Goal 3               Cluster Goal 3                   Success Criteria teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovat...

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  • 4.2 Our Cluster's Summary of Progress

    4.2     Provide a summary of progress towards cluster programme goals that have not been outlined in 4.3 a) Progress that has been made towards achieving programme goals   Goal 1 – As a cluster we are aware that the there is a lot of scope in the New Zealand Cu...

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  • Milestone 4

    Finally completed the draft and I've posted it off to Anne S - phew! Thanks to Ann E who allowed us to use her journey as the example in the reflective summary.  This is now posted as a resource.

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  • Finding our resources

    I am saving my own school's resources to my school's sub-group; that is, to Mokoia Intermediate.  There will be links in the Milestone to these resources.  I will either have links or resources on the Rotorua Lakes Cluster wiki too - http://rotorua-lakes-cluster.wikispaces.com/ - as we'...

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  • Steve on Sketch-Up

    Steve on Sketch-Up from mrshyde on Vimeo.

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  • Writing Boosters - EJ reads Her Story

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  • Rangitahi Reflection comment for section 4.4

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  • Milestone 4 - 4.4 - Rangitahi College Summary

    4.2     Provide a summary of progress towards cluster programme goals that have not been outlined in 4.3 4.4 Reflections on Rangitahi College’s Involvement in the ICT PD Contract (second half of 2011)   Phil Buchanan, Lead Teacher Nov. 2011   a) &nb...

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