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  • Working with teachers and their classes

    During 2011, as part of my e-learning leadership role, I am working with teachers in their classrooms with t...e first teacher and class I have started working with 'ran' with the CDROM res...n our first session and rotated students working on the reading resouce throug...

  • Digital Citizenship

    Just added this as a group discussion but didn't work so perhaps will try here...I'v...o in helping our community first with their understandings of how children are working in online spaces and communit...

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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    Over the last two weeks we have had John Parsons from Simulate2Educate working with the students, staff and...te)  Simulate 2 Educate is very pleased to be working with Enner Glynn Primary Scho...

  • Enner Glynn School

    Here are a couple of quick ideas that we are trying to increase interest in our blog...ittle with embedding on our blogs, but links to our vokis and voicethreads are working in the meantime. Justine our...

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  • K-3 Teacher resources

    This is a site I pay around 20 bucks a year for but it has been well worth it for games and other classroom resources.  I found it while I was working in Australia last year.  The activities are bright, interesting and easy to make up. Rachael

  • OtagoNet & DunedinNet (SouthTeach.net)

    OtagoNet & DunedinNet Regional Clusters ICTPD - Programme SummaryThe intention o...ools' capacity) for personalising learning for students, particularly students working in blended learning environme...

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  • Phil Giddens

    I teach at Waverley Primary School in South Taranaki. My home is in Wanganui, 45 k's south of Waverley, but I get to commute through some of the nicest scenery anywhere, so the drive is no chore. Our school is exceptionally well resourced and we're blessed with marvellous children and great staff...

    Tags: Prop building, metal working, fibreglassing - pretty much anything shed-related