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  • VLN Mentoring Group

    VLN Mentoring Group

    This group is to help new schools/clusters etc understand and develop their capability of how the VLN works: Philosophically and Practically: Members of this group must be prepared to mentor new users

  • NAPP 2013 Mid-Canterbury-Otago-Southland

    NAPP 2013 Mid-Canterbury-Otago-Southland

    Kia ora tatou e huihui nei, You are a member of NAPP 2013 and a participant in the kor...eal.A social occaison for NAPPers 2012-2013.A celebration of work well done. Coaching seminar with Jan Robertson on...

  • Te Aka Matua- Specialist Teaching in Years 9-13 Pangarau

    Te Aka Matua- Specialist Teaching in Years 9-13 Pangarau

    This PLD provision is aimed at: Kura Kaupapa Māori Years 9-13 Kura ā-Iwi Years 9-13 Māori-medium Settings Years...achieve success in Pāngarau improve Pāngarau teaching and learning through: mentorin...

  • Manukau Institute of Technology

    Manukau Institute of Technology

    All lecturers and students of Manukau Institute of Technology are invited to contribute to the discussion about Mentoring for success. 

  • S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    In 1999, Sugata Mitra's pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments helped bring the potential of self-organized learni...dren, no matter how rich or poor, can engage and connect with information and mentorin...

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and Mentoring

    ...hers and leaders who want to continue to develop and support their coaching and mentoring practices. There will be too...for improving student learning. This group is also to encourage a coaching culture in professional learn...